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Getting your product ready

To sell a product through Yzerr you need to know and have ready a few things

A website

To sell a digital product you must have a website. It should be a simple 2 to 3 pages websites.

This step can be very easy if you take advantage of digital products selling premade templates. Some of them can be found here:

You also need to have your site registered with a good registrar. We work with and always recommend Hostgator for of their exceptional customer service rate and multitude of imbedded tools.

You will be asked to provide us with your website URL and a Pitch page link as well.

A Pitch page:

Also called "sales page", the Pitch Page is the page of your site that best describes your product and does it best to convince visitors to make a purchase. It must provide full disclosure about the product; Price, delivering time, format, etc.

All statements made on the Pitch Page are subject to Yzerr’s s Client Contract and Product Requirements, as well as all applicable federal and state laws, including, but not limited to, U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations, policies, and guidelines governing advertising, disclosure, and consumer protection. These rules can be found at www.FTC.gov. Also, before submitting your product for approval please be sure to read our important guidelines for Yzerr vendors.

A "Thank You" page:

the thank you page is the page the customer sees after purchasing the product. It mush contain your contact information, The information to download the product, etc.

Title Message:

your title is very important. Make sure you include the most relevant keyword of your product in the title. Your display title must be no longer than 52 characters (with space)

META Description (Short Description):

This is a short description of your product. It should not be more than 164 characters(with space). Be sure to include you main keyword once or twice, but no more than twice.

Main description:

This is what our visitors read before deciding whether to visit your site or not

You can keep it simple, or format it with basic HTML tags and paste the code in the description section.

See some examples:

Note: NO <a> tag, No link to any site including yours, No Java scripts

Before Yzerr:

Before Yzerr, if you do not yet have a payment system, we recommend that you sign up with click bank first.