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My internship at Tweakers.net provided an invaluable opportunity to delvep into the world of UX design, where I worked on enhancing user experiences for both Tweakers and Bestgetest.nl. From optimizing navigation to conducting A/B tests, this experience equipped me with invaluable insights into shaping engaging digital environments in the dynamic tech landscape.

During my internship at Tweakers.net as a UX designer, I had the opportunity to work on various designs for both Tweakers and Bestgetest.nl, a now-defunct comparison website for electronics. Tweakers.net is a leading technology website in the Netherlands, providing users with news, reviews, forums, and price comparisons for a wide range of tech products. 

My role at Tweakers involved collaborating with the design team to enhance the user experience of the website, including improving the layout, optimizing navigation, and ensuring easy access to information. Additionally, I worked on various projects aimed at improving overall usability and visual appeal.

I also contributed to Bestgetest.nl, focusing on creating user-friendly designs to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. During my time there, I personally coded A/B tests using JavaScript and CSS in Google Optimize, providing hands-on experience in optimizing user experiences.

One of the highlights of my internship was conducting A/B tests, which allowed us to experiment with different design elements and gather insights into user preferences. By analyzing the results, we made data-driven decisions to enhance the effectiveness of our designs and improve the overall user experience.

Overall, my internship at Tweakers.net provided valuable experience in UX design and allowed me to contribute to the success of two prominent websites in the tech industry.